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Nimi: Marco Perezco, CA Vancouver
Viesti: Hello, I want to use this Medium to thank Lord Hacker Ultimate for helping me recover my stolen BTC/Crypto worth $783,000 through their proxy hacking skill. I was skeptical about them at first when I reported my case to this agency but to my greatest surprise, They delivered as promised and I got my money back, I?m so glad I came across them early because I thought I would never get my money back from those fake online investment scammers, you can also contact them via Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@ FASTSERVICE .COM, WhatsApp No: +19095063423, web: lordhackerultimate. wixsite .com /lordhackerultimate YouTube page: @lordhackerultimate
  12.09.2023 03:10:24
Nimi: Thomas, Germany
Viesti: I only respect hackers who will fight to protect me, and George Wizard Recovery Home is one of them. I applaud everything you've done to help me catch my cheating spouse on a social media site. I've never regretted my interaction with George Wizard Recovery Home because they are always the greatest. you can contact him via email: georgewizardrecoveryhome@gmail.com GeorgeWizardRecoveryHome @ GMAIL COM and WA: +1 (908) 768-4663 you can also rich him out herr (info@georgewizardrecoveryhome.com)
  11.09.2023 23:40:46
Nimi: Joseph,
Viesti: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracing and Recovery services and how they work. I had an old hard drive with Bitcoin on it that I mined years ago. Unfortunately, when I tried to get it up and running again, the data was corrupted. Santoshi Hacker. helped me to recover the Bitcoin I had on it even after I thought it was a lost cause. My old investment paid off big time and I was able to reap the rewards thanks to the professionals at
Website: https://santoshihacker3. wixsite. com/santoshihacker
YouTube Channel: https:// www. youtube. com/@Santoshihacker
Email: santoshihacker @ hotmail. com
I highly recommend Santoshi Hacker to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient recovery service. Santoshi Hacker is an investigative and consulting service hired mainly by victims of online fraud to help them get their money back. they specialize in dealing with online scams and help provide reimbursement to their victims using disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis, and thorough investigative work. Scam victims all around the world have already reclaimed their money back with Santoshi Hacker. Contact them and claim your money back now!
  11.09.2023 17:27:34
Nimi: Jonny Flyn,
Viesti: I?m Jonny Flyn from Nevada, USA, and a few months ago I lost $673,000 worth of cryptocurrency to a fake investment company. I don?t know how they got my email but I received an email from HX Investment Bank with a good proposal on how I could make millions out of my investment with them. I was convinced when they showed me profits from other clients that had invested in their platform, I began investing with them. When it was time to withdraw my profits, their website was shut down and I tried contacting them but they wanted me to pay a huge amount of fee to be able to withdraw my funds which I did until they cut me off and stopped all communication with me. I was shocked and devastated, I realized there was nothing I could do to recover my funds, I had gone to the authorities but they couldn?t assist me. I did some research online and I came across a post about Spyweb Cyber Security service, I was amazed by their service and how many others have fallen victim to the same scam, Spyweb Cyber Security Service was able to help me recover my cryptocurrency funds. I?m truly grateful for the help of Spyweb CyberSecurity Service, Their professional team was superb and it took them less than 72 hours to get my funds back from these scammers.

You can easily contact them via e-mail:
Spyweb @ Cyberdude . Com

They are available on WhatsApp via
+1 213 723 6292.
  11.09.2023 17:11:27
Nimi: Becky Glanton, CA Vancouver
Viesti: This worrying issue on the internet nowadays increases the need for being particularly cautious when it comes to recovering your lost money through cryptocurrency exchanges or any other means. There are methods that are generally used by the best agency. Through Lord Hacker Ultimate, hacking/recovery agency, you will be good to recover all you lost, contact them via email: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, Whatsapp No: +19095063423, website: lordhackerultimate.wixsite.com/lordhackerultimate.
  10.09.2023 02:27:30
Nimi: Alvir Hernandes,
Viesti: in need of a hacker in any area of your life??? then you can contact; ( Premiumhackservices@gmail.com services like; -hack into your cheating partner's phone(whatsapp,bbm.gmail,icloud,facebook, twitter,snap chat and others) -Sales of Blank ATM cards. -hack into email accounts and trace email location -all social media accounts, -school database to clear or change grades, -Retrieval of lost file/documents -DUIs -company records and systems, -Bank accounts,Paypal accounts -Credit cards hacker -Credit score hack -Monitor any phone and email address -Websites hacking, pentesting. -IP addresses and people tracking. -Hacking courses and classes CONTACT THEM= Whatsapp No: +14106350697 their services are the best on the market and 100% security and discreet work is guaranteed.
  09.09.2023 19:31:19
Nimi: Sarah Porter, Boston Ma USA
Viesti: How to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency Investment

I lost USD 565,000 in a binary investment trading scam, and I wasn't even aware of it until a few weeks later. The website and the services I used were so real, and everything felt legitimate. I became aware that something was wrong when they stopped responding to my emails and messages. I began looking into it after seeing an advertisement for the top recovery specialist. To help me get my investment money back, I hired Wizard Larry hacking service. They provided excellent customer service. To anyone who has had their cryptocurrency stolen, I heartily suggest them.
WhatsApp +1 (205) 319-6886
Website : https://wizardlarry.wixsite.com/wizardlarry
  09.09.2023 04:04:54
Nimi: Douglas,
Viesti: What To Do If You've Fallen Victim To A Crypto Scam.

I came across a post about Captain WebGenesis on social media, describing how the Cryptocurrency Recovery Expert assisted scam victims in recovering their lost or stolen Bitcoin. I was seeking ways to make up for the money I lost to a fraudulent cryptocurrency investing firm. I lost $160,800 and thought there was no way I could ever get it back. All thanks to Captain WebGenesis who made it possible for me to recover my funds back. Captain WebGenesis is Tested/Trusted and highly recommended to all scam victims.

Homepage; Www.captainwebgenesis.com
Mail-addr (captainwebgenesis@hackermail.com)
  09.09.2023 02:14:33
Nimi: Bobby Wilson, United State
Viesti: I never thought it was possible to recover stolen cryptocurrency due to past experiences trying to recover $85k that was stolen from online investment platform, until I read an article about ROTTGEN RAPHAEL that helped me recover $85k from what I l o s t .. I advice anyone with lost or stolen USDT BITCOIN'S issue to reach out to them via ROTTGENRAPHAEL AT GMAIL COM / it is not too late to recover your money.
  08.09.2023 11:17:20
Nimi: Thelma Louis, New York
Viesti: Have your bitcoins or cryptocurrency been stolen from your wallet, or have you invested in a bogus crypto investment organization that turns out to be a scam? If so, I have some excellent news for you. I initially lost $489,050 on a crypto investment platform in just three months. I contacted the authorities, who introduced me to ONE STANDARD FINANCE which assisted me in recovering all of my money in less than 24 hours. I'm speaking out to raise awareness about cryptocurrency thieves and do everything I can to decrease the number of victims to the bare minimum. Simply contact; ONESTANDARDFINANCE @ CONSULTANT.COM if you have been a victim.
  08.09.2023 11:13:40

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